Problem with procstat plugin collecting duplicate data with same time stamp

I am facing this issue in the windows (2016 server ) environment and using the telegraf agent (version-1.11.4).

  1. procstat input plugin configuration:-

    Monitor process cpu and memory usage


Windows service name

  win_service = "PharmaSuite_AI_Server"   
 pid_finder = "native"
 name_override = "procstat"

2.Duplicate data coming in influxDB :-

Help needed for this resolution?

Hello @sadanand,
Thank you for your question. I’m not sure why that’s happening. However, while preliminary support for Windows has been added for procstat, you may prefer using the win_perf_counters input plugin as a more mature alternative.

@sadanand Would you be able to open a new issue on the Telegraf GitHub site? I believe the core of this issue is the same as in your other topic.