Where to find Input PluginProperties

Hi All,
I am new to Influx.Could you please help me with how can i get all the inside properties of any plugin .Like for an example we can define all below properties for tail which i copied from this community, if i want to know all where can i get…dnt see in Doc,
files = [“test.csv”]
from_beginning = false
data_format = “csv”
csv_header_row_count = 1
csv_tag_columns = [“a1”]
csv_delimiter = “,”
csv_trim_space = true
name_override = “test”
fielddrop = [“a4”]

Hello @oom,
Welcome! All of the configs can be found on git.
I recommend using this docs page to find the appropriate link:
Alternatively if you have telegraf installed locally,
you can run:
telegraf --input-filter tail --output-filter influxdb_v2 config > telegraf.conf
and it will generate a config with the name “telegraf.conf” with your filters for you.
Please let me know if you need more help getting started!