Where is moving average in flux?

Ok so I’m being forced to switch to flux as there is no timeShift in the old language.
I got the basics, but can someone help me find where is the moving average function to smooth out the graphs? I have seen some blog post about expotentialmovingaverage in flux bu chronograph does not have it in the list of functions?


Hi @Maciej_Eckstein, I’m checking with the Flux team to see if that is still an available function, or if perhaps it has been renamed.

Hi @Maciej_Eckstein I checked with the team and there isn’t a specific moving average function yet.

That is a huge ommsion, hope it gets introduced soon.

Hello @Maciej_Eckstein,

What are you looking to do? It’s possible that you might be able to use kapacitor or a CQ to compute the SMA.

I need to smooth out the graph of daily pool temperature that I collect with Openhab. That can wait until there is a proper moving average function.

Work is now being done on moving average in flux…

Michael Angerman
Corvallis, Oregon