Where is flightsql in grafana cloud?

Hi, I made visualizations in Gratana Cloud based on flightsql (according to the documentation). As of today, the visualizations do not work and the flightsql plugin has disappeared from Gratana Cloud. What now? Is there any other way of integration described? the documentation I found seems to be out of date.

Hello @Piotr_Kopczynski,
Welcome! There’s a InfluxDB v3 plugin for grafana now! That doesn’t explain why there isn’t a flight sql plugin anymore. You do have to install it into your cloud isntance though because its a community plugin.

Can you try reinstalling it?

@Piotr_Kopczynski & @Anaisdg

Here? I searched for something else called InfluxDB v3 and could not find anything.

Meanwhile, this also works, but it’s very alpha and needs to be enabled via a feature toggle on the OSS version (not Cloud).

@Anaisdg also I dont’t see influx v3