Where is an advisory for small setup for monitoring collectd/influxdb/grafana

I would liket to use influxdb in a small setup. Data does not need to be long available (in ram). The grafana dashboard just show data of last 5 minutes. And if we need to have old data displayed, it can be slower, it does not need to come from ram.

I do not want to use GB’s of RAM nor lots of cpu cycles. I have Mysql and Postgres running on the same host. Who also do not consume much memory nor cpu. So why should I accept this from influxdb.

I am using influxdb because it supposed to be more efficient for time series data. So can anyone show me this is indeed the case with 256MB/512MB memory limit.

FYI there are already some posts on the ceph mailing lists advicing to use collectd/graphite/grafana instead of influxdb. Maybe you want to pay attention to small monitoring setups.