Where does the alerts created by chronograf being saved?

I am new user of tick stack and wondering where does my alerts created by chronograf being created? I would like to create backups and make it as git repo to audit changes.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re refering to where are they saved when you create the alert itself I think the alerts are stored in a database.
Personally, because of the naming that Chronograf gives to the scripts i usually build one with chronograf, save it and then you can click to edit the TICK script. I copy it out from there and store it in a .tick file. Then remove it from Chronograf, thus creating the back up and original file with a nicer name.

You would need FTP and SSH access in order to define the scripts though.

If you’re refering to where are the alerts themselves are stored when they’re triggered, this depends on where you send them. You can store them back into the Chronograf databases using the influxDBOut node in your tick script which i think Chronograf inserts automatically.

Hope that helps

Thanks very much, you answered my question!

No probs! happy to help.