What's the easist way to update time in the current measurement

Hi, currently we faced an problem.
We’ve been uploading a lot of data into one measurement, but now it turned out that the selected timezone in out app was wrong, so this data in this measurement has incorrect time. It should be corrected by adding extra two hours for each datapoint.
So, what’s the easist way to update currently stored data?

Hello @Sky_Gt,
You could use flux to add the time in your query with the timeShift():

timeShift(duration: 2h, columns: ["_start", "_stop", "_time"])

Otherwise, if you’re looking to implement this change on the db level, you will need to pull the data out and rewrite it with the proper timestamps. The timestamp acts as the primary key for the database so you can’t update it. Also updates in InfluxDB are difficult. This was a design decision to allow for greater performance.