Changing timestamps in a query


I am using InfluxDB 1 along with Derivative to provide a simple prediction graph but I’d like to be able to show those predictions with future timestamps (but without storing them). Is there a way to add time to timestamps in a query so that the data can be visualized more easily? I assume timeshift using flux could be used in InfluxDB 2, but don’t have the option of using that quite yet.


Hello @luge,
Welcome! Awww that was going to be my idea. Unfortunately that time shifting capability doesn’t exist for InfluxQL. You could use Kapacitor. Otherwise if you’re using 1.8+ the 2.x API has backwards compatibility so you can query your 1.x instance with the 2.x API.
Please see and for info on the latter.

Thanks for the tips, @Anaisdg! I’ll try those.