What would be the query

I am new to influxdb and was working on different querires, however I was unable to get through one:

SELECT * FROM "timers" GROUP BY "category"
name: timers
tags: category=histogram
time                entity                           hostname lower    mean     metric    p50      p70.5    upper
----                ------                           -------- -----    ----     ------    ---      -----    -----
1498682444113000000 Controller-getAll someHost    16908288 16908288 histogram 16908288 16908288 16908288

In the above table, I am trying to value mean. What will be the query?

@anarwal27 I’m unsure what you are asking here. What do you mean by trying to value mean? Can you share some more information about how your data is structured and what you are modeling?