What port telegraf runs on


What is the port where telegraf runs on. Is this different for window and linux?


@errishma That depends on which plugins you have enabled. By default telegraf does not expose any ports.


Thanks Jack. We have default CPU, DISk and MEM plugins enabled.

But can’t figure out what ports are in use by telegraf instance. Please guide.


@errishma There are no ports exposed by any of those plugins.


Actually we are having issue when telegraf installed , it occupies all the ports and server runs out of the port. So I am trying to understand what are the actual ports used when telegraf installed.


@errishma Telegraf does not expose ports by default. It will not expose ports unless you have a service plugin enabled. This sounds like an issue with something else running on on the box. Are you sure this is a telegraf issue?

Telegraf can also collect metrics via the following service plugins:

- filestack
- github
- mandrill
- rollbar

In windows, Team reported that it is because of telegraf. I had to uninstall the telegraf. But when I tried to reproduce, I could not reproduce it. In linux, I saw multiple telegraf processes running with single telegraf instance. So I manually killed the processes. so trying to figure out.


@errishma Please open an issue on telegraf so we can get this resolved. I’ve never heard of anything like that happening with any telegraf installation. I would be extremely surprised if that came from our software.