What is the InfluxDB 2 equivelant of 'SHOW QUERIES'?


On InfluxDB 1.x we could run ‘SHOW QUERIES’ to see what queries we had running. We used this sometimes to troubleshoot a high load and see a hanging query.

Now with InfluxDB 2 something happened that caused all cores to go to 100% however I cannot see what queries are currently running.It seems InfluxDB v2 does not support this.

In InfluxDB v2 how can I see which queries are currently being executed?

Hi @NielsH,
I don’t believe this is possible yet. @Anaisdg let me know if I need to eat my own words. For now I will chuck the idea into the product board. @NielsH if you wouldn’t mind also submitting a feature request that would also be great

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Thanks for your response. I have submitted a feature request on Github.
For reference: Implement 'SHOW QUERIES' for InfluxDB v2 · Issue #23332 · influxdata/influxdb · GitHub

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