What happen if I change retention policy?

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What happen if I change retention policy ?

e.g. I have data set that belong 2010-2018.
from 2010 till 2016 retention policy maintain every 5 minutes data points
if I change retention policy in 2017 till 2018 like this: retention policy maintain every 1 minutes data points. now I want to know what exactly happen:

1-How it will show on Grafana? (as I mention from 2010-2016 we have lower data points and in 2017-2018 these points increase.)

2-Influx create new measurement(s) to store these data or write them in same measurement?


Hi @Indeed_1,

That’s not exactly how retention policies function. A retention policy governs how long data is stored in a given database. If you set a retention policy of 1 year, only data < 1year will be retained. It is not in any way related to the frequency of the datapoint.

In order to do what I think you’re asking about, you would want to downsample your data to a lower frequency – the 5 minute data points – and save those in a NEW database with a longer retention policy. You can reference this document for more information: Downsampling and data retention | InfluxDB OSS 1.7 Documentation

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It’s my fault ! :slight_smile:
replace word downsampling instead of retention policy!
So how it work?

Did you read the documentation linked above? Do you have specific questions from that documentation that you would like to post here?