What does "Skipping scrape due to scraper backlog" mean?


After upgrading InfluxDB from 2.1.x to 2.2.0 I’m getting this error on some scrapers: "Skipping scrape due to scraper backlog"

But this isn’t really helpful.

What is this about? What can I do?



Hello @scrobbleme,
I’m not sure. let me ask some experts.

I’m still interested in what the experts say…

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Having the same issue on influxDB 2.6. Scrapers stop working, instead they keep creating this warning in the logs.

It seems that one of the scraped endpoints does sometimes not yield a response, so they stack up (timeout missing) until the queue is “full”.
See this code

Restarting the influxDB solved this issue by emptying the queue, but it will not fix the root cause.