What determines when these InfluxDB /wal/ directory contents are moved to /data/?

I have an InfluxDB database set up, and as far as I understand the data is first written into the Write-Ahead Logs (WAL), which is write-optimised but space-inefficient, and then after a certain time these files are compacted and moved to Time-Structured Merge Tree (TSM) files, which are read-optimised and space-efficient.

On my system, the WAL files are stored in the /wal/ directory, located at /var/lib/linfluxdb/wal/ and the /data/ directory is located at /var/lib/linfluxdb/data/ .

I am monitoring the size of these two directories on disk using Telegraf/Grafana, and a screenshot of their size over a period of around 10 hours is shown below. The right y-axis corresponds to the /data/ directory, and the left y-axis is /wal/ :

As expected, the /wal/ directory increases in size as the data comes into the database, and then after some time the data is compacted and we see a step change in the /data/ directory size as the information is moved there.

What I don’t understand is what determines when this happens. Reading off the graph, I can see that the time between compactions is 6 hours and 7 minutes. The size of the /wal/ directory reached immediately before the compaction was 40.9 MB. Neither of these are nice, round numbers.

Taking a look at my influxdb.conf file, both the cache-snapshot-memory-size and cache-snapshot-write-cold-duration variables are commented out:

I was under the impression that these values set how often the compaction happens? Since they are commented out, what is determining the time now - are there defaults somewhere?


Does anyone know where the default times for compression are set?