Visualizing state change

Hi community

I am a newbee - so sorry if the question is easy.
I want to track my heat pump (with a luxtronik controller). Using a integration in homeassistant I am able to query the current state - like

  • heating
  • no request
  • water
  • defrosting

Unfortunately HomeAssistant only stores data to influxdb if a state was changed. Therefore I do NOT have something like this:

  • TS1, heating
  • TS2, heating
  • TS3, heating
  • TS4, no request
  • TS5, no request
  • TS6, water
  • TS7, water

I only have

  • TS1, heating
  • TS4, no request
  • TS6, water

From an information point of view this is enough, because everything is just “data”, not “information”… But I do not know hof to analyze, how long was the “heating time”, how long the “idle” time. And I would love to visualize it in a graph, like

  • HEATING: Value 1 in color blue
  • IDLE: Value 0 in color black
  • WATER: VALUE 1 in red
  • DEFROST: VALUE 1 in yellow

(just my first thought) - if there is a better visualization, I am intereseted :wink:

My goal: I want to track

  • how often
  • how long
  • and for what reason
    my heat pump starts to work.

Thanks a lot!

Welcome @drumbledore

This is an excellent use case. I myself have experimented a bit with this. I’ll try to put together something over the weekend, but in the meantime, are you using Flux and do you use Grafana with InfluxDB?

Yeah, I do like the use case. But one of the reasons is, that we have problems with neighbours because of the heat pump (too noisy in the night…). So I need to track the heat pump - especially after doing changes in the configuration…

I do not use grafana yet. I just tried the Influx Dashboard technology. But I think I need to understand how to solve my query problem before using any report/dashboard engine

Thanks for your support!!