Variadic args in UDF property methods



I would like to create an UDF which can take variadic args for one of the property methods. It will look like this

     | alert()
         .crit( lambda: blah)
         .cmd( 'a','-b','-c'..)

How do I declare this in Info function?

    // Return the InfoResponse. Describing the properties of this UDF agent.
    func (*mirrorHandler) Info() (*agent.InfoResponse, error) {
    	info := &agent.InfoResponse{
    		Wants:    agent.EdgeType_STREAM,
    		Provides: agent.EdgeType_STREAM,
    		Options: map[string]*agent.OptionInfo{
    			"cmd": {
    				**ValueTypes: []agent.ValueType{agent.ValueType_STRING},**
    	return info, nil

I know that exec node is available but that doesn’t fit for my use case.