Value for InfoResponse::Provides when No response expected from UDF


I am writing a UDF, which is to be invoked when a value is written to influxDB. The UDF will execute a python script to execute a deep learning algorithm on the time series data. No value will be updated to the influxdb by TICK script.

The tick script for the UDF is given below

dbrp "datain"."autogen"

    var data0 = stream

What would be the value to be given for Provides field in InfoResponse in Info Method in go file given below?
Should this be EdgeType_STREAM? Where can I find documentation on this?

func (*mirrorHandler) Info() (*agent.InfoResponse, error) {
	glog.V(1).Infof("1. Info methos called")
	info := &agent.InfoResponse{
		Wants:    agent.EdgeType_STREAM,
		Provides: agent.EdgeType_STREAM,
		Options:  map[string]*agent.OptionInfo{},
	return info, nil