Using same measurement name with different retention policies

I would like to know if there is any performance impact if I use same measurement name to store similar data for different retention period.

Let us say I have a measurement named respsonsetimes. And I have two retention policies - two_months and one_week.

I have a high cardinality tag. This tag is not stored in two_months retention period. While the tag will be stored in one_week period. Rest of the tag/field values are same between two retention policies.

Can some one suggest if this is a bad choice? Should I use a different measurement name for two retention period data’s?

Please share your opinions.

Hello @Robert_George,
You’re using 1.x?
Yes I would recommend to use different measurement names for two retention periods because it feels more organized to me. However you don’t have to. Take a look at this documentation where multiple retention policies are created on the same measurement, “food_data”:

Does that help?