Use Telegraf to 'tail' SystemD/Journalctl log

I’m managing some server which run a custom daemon. This daemon is managed via SystemD and logging is accessed via journalctl.
I’m wondering how I can post progress the log of this daemon with Telegraf. There doesn’t seem a SystemD input and the logparser requires a file (I believe).

Is it possible to write the journalctl logs into a file ?
If yes, then you can make a cronjob to write it every minute to a file.

I would like to know your views on this.

Huh, I didn’t think of that. So something like:


journalclt --unit=my-daemon >> /tmp/logs/my-daemon.log

Run this with cron ever so often.

Use the logparser plugin of Telegraf.

That would work I think. Still feels like a hack but it would work.

I’m still open to other ideas. :slight_smile:

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Talking about logparser,

If I give 2 files to parse,


But We can give only one measurement
measurement = 'name1', which means both log files will be stored under 1 measurement name.

If I wanted 2 measurements, 1 for file1.log and 1 for file2.log

How can I make different measurement for the different files ?

Make two different [[input.logparser]] configuration blocks?

It appears possible to define an input block twice: