Use regexp.findString() against an array

Hi all
I tried hours but don’t found any solution for this:
I have to measurements:

  • asset_vm_cmdb → this contains asset information for example which customer is the owner of a VM
  • hyperv_storage → contains storage metrics about the VMs

Unfortunately the measurement hyperv_storage does not have a tag with the VMName.
I only have the tag instance which contains the path of the VMHardDisk
(for example C:-ClusterStroage-Rhodium-CSV01_C4MG9001-VM01-Windows_Server_2016.vhdx)

Another problem that I have is, this path instance has no pattern. So I am not able to write a regex that extract the VMName from it.

What I want

  • Get all instance that contains the VMName from the array vms
  • Add a column with this match (VMName) like the column match in the following picture.

Do you have any idea to reach this?