Where InfluxDB include String

Hallo there,

i have a Database, in this Attribut “path” have some records:

  • topology/pod/node-1
  • topology/pod/node-1100
  • topology/pod/node-1200
    • topology/pod/node-1300

the quetion is how can i select only the “node-1$$$” with the 4 numbers no “node-1”

thank you!

Hello @moazar,
are these field keys?
I’m not very good at regex so I don’t know if there’s a way to be more specific but you can search for fields with this pattern:

SELECT /^topology/pod/node-.{4}$/ FROM "mymeas" ...

I’m assuming you’re using 1.x or are you using 2.x? I just assumed that because you said “database” instead of bucket.
But please let me know if you want the corresponding Flux.
Thank you