Upgrading to Influx 1.3.1


I just noticed that 1.3 has been released with the new TSI engine, are there any special considerations needed for upgrading?

We are currently running 1.2.4 and have a couple of databases that have a high number of series (>500k).



TSI is still disabled by default, so upgrading to 1.3 won’t change anything in that aspect. You need to set data.index-version = "tsi1" in your configuration file if you want to switch to the new TSI engine.

I have few series and I haven’t tried TSI, so I can’t tell you about special considerations for enabling it. But there are no special considerations for the 1.2 → 1.3 upgrade itself.


hi @nicolas17

thanks for the response, do you know if there are any prerequisites that need to be done before enabling TSI?



Based on the feature details; a drive with faster IOPS is all the pre-requisite for this (which is anyways a requirement for Ifnlux). The existing data under the DB will continue to use the memory but the newer data added to the DB after enabling the switch will use this feature.


@sbains thanks for the information!