UPDATE a specific record

Hi all :wave:

I would like to update existing records that match certain conditions, for example as returned by:
SELECT * FROM "dxdata" WHERE "annotations"='null' AND time > now() - 4s

This works but of course is INSERT and not UPDATE and probably irrelevant.
INSERT dxdata,tag1=1 value=2,value2=3,value=4 1505799797664800000
Also I would like to have a relative time applied to match the records that I want to UPDATE

Would be grateful for any suggestions on how to achieve this of possible with influxdb or ny nice workaround . :blush:

Hello @Eric_Smith,
I’m a little confused. INSERT is working and UPDATE isn’t? If INSERT is working, why can’t you use that? Can you please provide an example of having a relative time applied? Thank you.