Unsupported mean iterator type query.stringInterruptIterator

Need some assistance. I imported a csv into influx. it uploaded successfully. i tagged 2 items called App and Server. Under App there are multiple Servers and there are also multiple Apps. I can query on Server and i see my graph. i can query on App and it aggregates all the Servers under that app and i can see data. If i try to query App then a Server under App i don’t get any data. Any idea why this is happening ? Also i tried chronograf to see the data, and when i try the same query App then a Server under App i get

*unsupported mean iterator type: query.stringInterruptIterator

what am i doing wrong ?
Thanks again.

Any chance you could provide some examples or output of successful queries versus unsuccessful queries for this circumstance (to provide some context)? Thanks.

Hello,mschae16. I have the same problem. I’m using Influxdb, Telegraf and Chronograf and Mqtt (CloudMqtt). My Mqtt receives data from an ESP32 as a String. So, I collect this data using telegraf but with a little change in the [[inputs.mqtt_consumer]] plugin. Here are the changes:

#data_format =“influx”
data_format = “value”
data_type = “string”

Due to my data are all strings, I couldn’t save it into Influxdb because Influx expects the data to be a Line protocol. So making the changes I’ve mentioned above, I was able to store data in influx as a string.
But when I try to see data in Chronograf it doesn’t work.
Same error:

I’m also using Grafana and at first (Query B default configuration) it was the same, I couldn’t see anything in the chart, using the Query B configuration:

Then I made some changes (Query A) and it works.
I’ve provided Query B just as an example of the default query.

This is the query for chronograf:
SELECT mean(“value”) AS “mean_value” FROM “mqttbase”.“autogen”.“mqtt_consumer” WHERE time > :dashboardTime: AND “topic”=‘temperatura’ GROUP BY time(:interval:) FILL(null)

Doesn’t work. I know it is because of my string data but I don’t know how to do the query in this case.

Could you help me, please?
Thank you in advance,=)