InfluxDB sum() Aggregate Error -------> > ERR: unsupported sum iterator type: *influxql.stringInterruptIterator


I want to use the aggregate function sum() but I get this error message :

*ERR: unsupported sum iterator type: influxql.stringInterruptIterator

Here my query :

SELECT sum("value") FROM "4weeks"."FILESYSTEM" WHERE "cluster" = 'fra-prod-cluster-01' AND "node" = 'fra-prod-cluster-01-1' AND "counter_name" = 'Y-FS_Ops_s' and time >= '2017-05-09T15:03:00Z' AND time <= '2017-05-10T08:14:00Z' GROUP BY time(12m),*


I’ve found the reason.
The datatype was set to STRING, as I changed the type to INTEGER , it was working fine

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I’m sorry, Sir. Could you tell me how did you change the data type?