Understanding Kapacitor's deadman


Hi, I’m using telegraf to supervise some process. So I thought it could be interesting if kapacitor is able to notify me when any process die.

I think this can be done with Kapacitor’s deadman switch (if a process die, telegraf’s procstat input can’t send data to influxdb). But i’m having troubles with this, if I kill the process, Kapacitor will send the alert, but when I restart the process, Kapacitor still sending the alert.

I’m trying something like this:

|deadman(1.0, 10s)

If no point has been arrived in 10s, send the alert ( I think it works like that).

But executing kapacitor show in the task, I can see graph [throughput="0.00 points/s"];
I don’t know if this thoughput matters.

I’m using kapacitor 1.0 on Debian 8.



@zargex Please upgrade to the latest version of kapacitor (1.3) and see if you can reproduce this bug. There were some fixes to the deadman between that release and now.


Hi @jackzampolin, I just have upgraded to Version: 1.3.1-1. And the problem continues.

In this case I hadn’t to stop the process to trigger the deadman.


@zargex Can you open an issue on Kapacitor?


Yes, I can.

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