Understanding InfluxDB

I’ve been learning and understanding how InfluxDB work for a while. Overall, InfluxDB is what I want to use for my project for analyze and collect “data”. Obviously, there are some parts I couldn’t understand. Therefore, I wanted to ask here and learn more about InfluxDB.

About project, it’s an online game for desktop users. Because of it’s online, I need to collect data as much as possible. I’m using InfluxDB Java Client for this project.

  1. Is using only one database a problem? I don’t want to switch database every write/update, if it’s possible.

  2. In Java client, there is not “bucket” feature. Are “bucket” and “database” same?

  3. What is my limitations? I don’t want to face with “couldn’t write data due to limitation” error.

  4. What are the exact differences between keys and tags? I know the differences but I couldn’t figure out how I should create/make a scheme. If it’s possible, I’d like to see an example scheme about dedicated server/machine does resource using. (CPU, RAM, Network Traffic etc.)

  5. Should I have retention policy? I want to store data as long as possible. When I’ve to deep analyze, I’d want to query 10 years-old data too.

Thanks for your answers in advance!