Understanding how to write data to an InfluxDB with Python

I’m writing values to an Influx database with

def write_to_influx(dataPointID, value):
    df = pd.DataFrame(data=[value],index=pd.date_range(start=datetime.utcnow(), periods=1, freq='S'), columns=['value'])
    client.write_points(df, dataPointID, database="mydb")

I stole this method from another script, when actually I have problems grasping this. In the docs it says

write_points(points, time_precision=None, database=None, retention_policy=None, tags=None, batch_size=None, protocol=u'json', consistency=None)

points (list of dictionaries, each dictionary represents a point) – the list of points to be written in the database

But with write_to_influx(value_1, dataPointID_1), there is not just a dictionary, but an datapoint ID passed.

Analog to the method already applied and the docu description… If I would like to write multiple values to multiple datapoint IDs, should I pass a list of dictionaries AND a list of datapointIDs ? Because that does not seem to work:

def write_values_to_influx(Obj,dataPointID_list, value_list):

    indexes=pd.date_range(start=datetime.utcnow().replace(tzinfo=pytz.UTC), periods=1, freq='S')
    for value in value_list:
        df_new= pd.DataFrame(data=[value],index=indexes)

    client.write_points(dict_list, dataPointID_list, database="mydb")

Returns the error:

File "/vdp/base_functions.py", line 249, in write_values_to_influx
xyz@crVB    |     client.write_points(dict_list, dataPointID_list, database="mydb")
xyz@crVB    |   File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/influxdb/_dataframe_client.py", line 123, in write_points
xyz@crVB    |     numeric_precision=numeric_precision)
xyz@crVB    |   File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/influxdb/_dataframe_client.py", line 282, in _convert_dataframe_to_lines
xyz@crVB    |     dataframe = dataframe.dropna(how='all').copy()

Hello @cheesus,
Welcome and thank you for your question!
Have you checked out thistutorial for writing pandas df for 1.x? It’s hard for me to debug without understanding your data structures. If that tutorial doesn’t help, can you please share what the dict_list looks like?