Unable to write data in a new Organization

I installed InfluxDB OSS v2 and have successfully deployed telegraf (that gets data from OPCUA servers and python clients). Data are pushed in the server since more then 30 days and we can query them and display on grafana

Now we want to test performances and decided to push data in a new organization, testOrg. I created the organization with a bucket from the Influx browser and a user as follows:

~ 1002 > influx user create -n melttester -p 2Garch1ng -o TestOrg
ID                      Name
0c2ad374a75dc000        melttester

My problem is that melttester cannot write fields in the organization. I have tried with infludb-cxx and through the influx web site using the LineProtocol taken form the examples:

weather,location=us-midwest temperature=82

The user, melttester, is lacking some authorization but I cannot figure out what is missing.
What could be the reason this user cannot write data even from web Load Data → Sources → Line protocol?

I am afraid that I am missing some basic steps but cannot find a solution browsing the documentation…

Shot in the dark, but I Wonder if the top level permission for the user in the new org is readonly ? Failing that, double check the token being loaded for authenticating is the correct one. HTH

Hello @FixTestRepeat
Hmm. What token did you use to set up the InfluxDB CLI config? Its possible that you’re using a restricted token for that config which is maybe restricting the access of the user. But I’m not 100% sure of that because I’d be surprised if you can set up a config without an all access tokay. Still I’d verify the token you used is an all access token, or create a new InfluxDB CLI config. Same for creating the user itself. When you pass a token make sure its an all access token with * -t, --token: InfluxDB API token.

Let me know if that helps.