Unable to post alert to PagerDuty2 after IP change

Hi there,

I enjoy using the TICK stack for some internal operations.
I have had it working for a few month until a recent IT change at the office.
The subnet changed from to and since then, kapacitor cannot post alerts to PagerDuty v2.

I can’t quite understand the error message (see below).

Configuration-wise, the whole TICK stack runs off the same machine and all binding addresses are set to “localhost”.

So I don’t quite understand this IP issue.
Can you please help?

Solution to this problem.

Even though I updated my network config in /etc/network/interfaces to adopt the new subnet, I failed to update the /etc/resolv.conf file which resulted in system-wide DNS failure and thus affected kapacitor’s ability to post to a remote API.


domain ..***
search ..***


domain ..***
search ..***

run ping influxdata.com to find out if your DNS is working.

Of course, you would customize according to your own network config.

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Thanks for sharing your answer @arnaudEE