Unable to gather metrics for http://localhost:8080/jolokia


I have installed Datadog, Jolokia and Telegraf to monitor the corda nodes. In telegraf.conf, I have created the following entry


But when I run the command "systemctl status telegraf" it shows that it is active and running but also gives a message

Unable to gather metrics for http://localhost:8080/jolokia: Response from url "http://localhost:8080/jolokia" has status code 404

Can someone please advise as to what could be the problem. I am using this on an ubuntu machine


Hello @Sachin_Bal,
Can you please share your entire config, include debug=true in the agent portion of your telegraf config and share the output?
Thank you!

Hi @Anaisdg, Thanks for responding. But, I have investigated further, and it was a configuration mistake. I have corrected it and I can see the metrics.

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Good to hear :slight_smile: