Unable to create database in InfluxDB using API call from Postman

I am new to InfluxDB and I am trying to create a Database in InfluxDB using API call from Postman. I have setup the configuration as mentioned in the InfluxDB Documentation [Use Postman with the InfluxDB API | InfluxDB OSS 2.1 Documentation]

When I tried to do a POST call to create a DB, I end up with the below error:

    "results": [
            "statement_id": 0,
            "error": "not implemented: CREATE DATABASE"


Where am I going wrong?

InfluxDB 2 does not support DDL via querying. /query endpoint is for backward compatibility for querying via InfluxQL.

More precisely, InfluxDB 2 has a top-level container called bucket, instead of a database.
A bucket can be created in UI, using command-line tool, via a client library or manually calling API.
Read more in docs