Trouble mapping fields to POJO using JAVA client library

Using the java client library, I am writing a POJO Measurement with multiple tags and multiple fields into a bucket using the java client library. I have no issues with writing Measurements. However when pulling back the POJOs, I can’t get the fields back.

}, {
  "tag1" : "abc",
  "tag2" : null,
  "tag3" : "def",
  "tag4" : "xyz"
  "tag5" : "zzz",
  "time" : "2021-05-05T15:16:07.367Z",
  "doubleField" : null,
  "stringField1" : null,
  "stringField2" : null

Flux query… this works

        |> range(start:-365d)
        |> filter(fn: (r) => r["_field"] == "doubleField")

If I annotate doubleField into a column _value (@Column(name="_value"), I do get that field back, but not the other string fields.