Transaction count is not calculating correctly

I have loaded a file with 237,477 lines. Each line has a section on the line that reads trans=1 or trans=2 but when I run “select count(“trans”) from nodes” or “select sum(“trans”) from nodes” it returns 105,730

Sample line: nodes,node=“104”,dayofweek=“Monday”,ip=“”,user=“sam”,sizeRange=“0-0KiB”,operation=“HEAD”,opstatus=200,tenant=“mine1”,namespace=“archive” bytes=0,latency=5, trans=1 1615241781000000000

is my syntax off?

Hello @Shawn ,
Welcome! Hmm that is odd.
What happens when you run:

> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "nodes"

it returns:

name: nodes
time count_bytes count_latency count_trans

0 105730 105730 105730

I am seeing some of my lines have the same time stamp. I am wondering if that is causing it. is there a way to do a line count to see how many lines are in the dataset in influx?

Hello @Shawn,
If your points have the same timestamp then your the last point will overwrite the first one. So the count is probably accurate.

Thank you that was it.