Tn20GT = Tropennacht

the meassurment will be daily at 06:00 local time.
the Temperature have to be allways above 20 Celsius in the last 12h or between 18:00 - 06:00


field to use is

select * from spez_days ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 100
name: spez_days
time average humidity temperature_C

1627620322467774219 14.57 68 18.4
1627619722465143310 14.6 68 18.4
1627619429233608516 14.6 68 18.5
1627619122471624420 14.67 68 18.5

if this would be possitive, so we would have a tropical night!
This information should be stored for furher use
With this information i would like to send a Telegram to inform it happen
With this information i would like to know when the first in the year how many time per year this happen.

so i think i got something

Database: spez_days
Field: average

(SELECT COUNT(average) as Tn20GT
FROM spez_days
WHERE average >=20
AND time > now()-12h)
where Tn20GT>1

i just should be sure in the last 12h no dataset it below 20Degree
would this be correct like this?

have a nice day

it seems to be missing something.
All the datas in the last 12h have to be over 20 not just some of them

any idea or it is just not possible with influx DB?