Timeout error code 500

I have 48 telegraf and 1 influxdb

  • 1 telegraf insert to influxdb 3000/s

Spec server :
Ram 64 giga
Disk hdd 200 giga
Cpu 8 core

If i query "select count(msisdn) as “test” from mytsel.onehour./.*/ Groupby time (1m)
Influxdb error code 500 timeout

Please give me solution

Hi Alvianno ,

how many measurements do you have in the database mytsel with retention policy onehour ?

Six measurement in db mytsel

do you have the same error if you do six queries , on 1 measurement at a time ?

If i query 1 measurement is good no problem

Is that ok as a workaround for you ?

it’s very problematic because influxdb timeout