TICK Error capture in kapacitor. Is it possible?

I have alerts that give errors from time to time.

its tick script is like that:

var stats = stream
    |groupBy('project', 'roles', 'stages', 'host')
        .field('n_cpus', 1)
    |eval(lambda: "load1" / float("n_cpus"))

sometimes it says that some group lacks of “roles” or “project” perhaps due telegraf missconfiguration on some nodes there’s also several errors per second of

[hi_load:eval4] 2017/03/29 16:44:02 E! no field or tag exists for load1

But looking for the system measurement in telegraf database all the last entries have “load1” field…

Is there a way to dump only the failed groups?

At least just asking found the “no field tag … for load1” It seems that in “system” measirement theres a mix of documents containing load and others containing uptime related stats.

[hi_load:log4] 2017/03/29 16:57:02 W! >> {"Name":"system","Database":"telegraf","RetentionPolicy":"default","Group":"host=******,project=*****,roles=****,stages=*******","Dimensions":{"ByName":false,"TagNames":["host","project","roles","stages"]},"Tags":{"host":"******","project":"******","roles":"****","stages":"****"},"Fields":{"load1":0.02,"load15":0.12,"load5":0.08,"n_cpus":2,"n_users":0},"Time":"2017-03-29T16:57:20Z"}

[hi_load:log4] 2017/03/29 16:57:02 W! >> {"Name":"system","Database":"telegraf","RetentionPolicy":"default","Group":"host=*****,project=*****,roles=****,stages=****","Dimensions":{"ByName":false,"TagNames":["host","project","roles","stages"]},"Tags":{"host":"*****","project":"*****","roles":"*****","stages":"********"},"Fields":{"n_cpus":1,"uptime":10885574,"uptime_format":"125 days, 23:46"},"Time":"2017-03-29T16:57:20Z"}

[hi_load:eval5] 2017/03/29 16:57:02 E! no field or tag exists for load1

influx UI renders it as only one entry but are two and the groupBy is valid for both, one have the field load1 and the other don’t