The output of snmp plugin in telegraf

when i am using snmp plugin the output of request comes with ‘i’ append with numerical value.

snmp,agent_host=,host=airoot-virtual-machine fortinetCpuUsage=0i, fortinetDiskCapacity=30049i, fortinetDiskUsage=277i, fortinetMemCapacity=4049884i, fortinetMemUsage=18i 1655282915000000000
we can see that i is coming at end.
why that i is coming and how to remove it.

This is the influx line protocol format to indicate the value is an integer. So this is a completely valid line.

@Hipska thanks.
now i got it why this ‘i’ is coming.

Okay, I also think you didn’t encounter any problems because of it but were just wondering why it showed up in the text output?

hey @Hipska i am using snmp plugin for pulling out data. but in my network there are lots of device with different vendor and community string show putting ip and community string manually takes lots of time.
How can i make it dynamic so user can give ip and community and telegraf should able to pull out data and store in influx?

That wasn’t an answer to my question, but let me answer yours anyway:

Have a look at this wonderful blog post about all you need to know for using the snmp plugin: Telegraf Best Practices: SNMP Plugin | InfluxData