Telegraf weird behaviour with repeated in protobuf

I am using xpath protobuf as input plugin for telegraf. The proto buff format are correct and well defined and i am able to read the data as well, but only for proto files not having repeated for single fields. In case of repeated, i am not able to read correctly. Following is section of xml when xml_print_document option is set to true.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The protobuff format is:

message gateway{
    repeated  uint32 red = 1;
    repeated uint32  blue = 2;
    repeated uint32  black = 3;
message report{
   string sampleduration = 1;
   repeated gateway = 10;

It is confirmed that node is not coming from source side, it Telegraf which is adding . The issue is happening only for fields with repeated option like here red/blue/black, otherwise its working fine.

PS - this is dummy xml and proto which i have written by using original one, i can provide the original xml and proto if required on personal address.


Not sure I understand this. Can you explain this further and how or what the output from Telegraf looks like versus what you expect?