Telegraf v1.6.0-rc4

Telegraf 1.6.0-rc4 is now available.

Please join us in testing this release and report any bugs or feedback to the issue tracker.

Changes since 1.6.0-rc3:

  • #3978: Fix conversion of unsigned ints in prometheus output
  • #3980: Use explicit casts to avoid datatype issues in sqlserver input
  • #3981: Export all vars defined in /etc/default/telegraf
  • #3992: Fix newline escaping in line protocol

New plugins in 1.6.0:

  • http - Thanks to @grange74
  • ipset - Thanks to @sajoupa
  • nats - Thanks to @mjs & @levex
  • override - Thanks to @KarstenSchnitter
  • dropwizard - Thanks to @atzoum

1.6 also contains a long list of additional enhancements. Please reference the full changelog for release notes and the comprehensive list of changes.

Official builds: