Telegraf to InfluxDB V2 using multiple buckets

I’m trying to use Telegraf to send certain metrics to specific buckets in InfluxDB V2. Previously in InfluxDB v 1.XX this was easy using namepass or namedrop in the config files (see below), but this doesn’t seem to work in V2. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve looked thru the Telegraf Plugins documentation, but haven’t found anything. I am thinking this may be a limitation of InfluxDB V2 at the moment giving it’s beta status

   urls = [ "http://localhost:8086" ]
   database = "house"
   namepass = ["power"]  #Only set these measurements to pass

   urls = [ "http://localhost:8086" ]
   database = "telegraf"
   namedrop = ["power","sensors"]  #Only set these measurements to be blocked

@jdyoung namedrop and namepass are selector filters that can be applied to any input or output plugin. Do you have an example of the v2 configuration you tried? Your code above only shows examples writing to InfluxDB 1.x.

@Scott Thanks for your question! It led me to the answer! As I was making a long reply post with my code snippet, what I have tried, etc. I saw my problem! I can’t believe I overlooked it!

I was using namepass = "power" w/o brackets! When I switched to namepass = ["power"] it worked exactly how it did in V1.x!!!
User error!!! My apologies for wasted time!

No problem! Happy to help.