Telegraf - Problem to monitor NVidia GPU on Windows client

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently testing Telegraf to populate an InfluxDB Monitoring database. One of my requirement is to monitor GPUs on Windows clients. The problem is that the nvidia-smi Telegraf plugin does work for me.

The plugin wants to collect three encoder stats (namely: encoder_stats_session_count, encoder_stats_average_fps and encoder_stats_average_latency) which are unknown.

When I use the troubleshooting command (from the github plugin page, adapted for powershell)

.\nvidia-smi.exe --format="noheader,nounits,csv" --query-gpu="fan.speed,,memory.used,,pstate,temperature.gpu,name,uuid,compute_mode,utilization.gpu,utilization.memory,index,power.draw,,,encoder.stats.sessionCount,encoder.stats.averageFps,encoder.stats.averageLatency,,,clocks.current.memory,"

I get:

Field “encoder.stats.sessionCount” is not a valid field to query.

And similar results for the two other fileds as I remove them from the command query.

Client specs:
OS: Windows 7
Telegraf: 1.12.3
nvidia-smi: 376.33
GPU: Quadro 4000

Does anyone has encountered the same problem? Could have it working? Has any ideas?

Thank you very much for your help!