Telegraf on redhat6 with no logs

Hello, I been trying to get the telegraf running under redhat 6 and running in to issue where its not generating any logs
I am running it as root… systems says service started but can’t find it with ps -ef | grep telegraf

[root@my_server telegraf]# service telegraf stop
telegraf process is not running [ FAILED ]
[root@my_server telegraf]# service telegraf start
Starting the process telegraf [ OK ]
sh: /var/log/telegraf/telegraf.log: Permission denied
telegraf process was started [ OK ]
[root@my_server telegraf]# ps -ef | grep telegraf
root 16681 6397 0 17:42 pts/1 00:00:00 grep telegraf
[root@my_server telegraf]#

The logs are probably being handled by systemd/journald, try running sudo journalctl -u telegraf.service.

Due to the redhat 6 systemd/ journald not available