Telegraf mysql input - what user rights on the database?


I want to monitor databases with the mysql input plugin for telegraf.
For this i want to create a dedicated user on each database server that can only connect from my host that runs telegraf.
…and for the life of me I can’t find any docs that tell me what permissions that user needs…
Any hints for me?


I would suggest that you only need select() privilege and none of the write
privileges such as insert(), update(), delete(), create(), drop() etc.

However, beyond that it’s difficult to say what privileges you need without
knowing what commands you plan to run in order to “monitor databases”.

Why not start with a user which can select() only and see if you get MySQL
errors when running the commands?


What I’m planning to do is to use the telegraf mysql input, I’m not going to run sql commands…

So, what input is telegraf going to get?


whatever the telegraf mysql input provides?
I’m following this post:

Okay, that looks like it’s almost certainly using the “show status” MySQL
command. You do not need any privileges to run this command other than an
account which can connect.


thats what i needed to know :slight_smile: now all that’s left is to document it somewhere… XD