Telegraf.log eating up the space

Hi ,

Telegraf.log is eating up the /var/log/telegraf space on linux boxes. Please guide how can I disable these logs or set up the log rotation.


Can you share what package you are using and what distribution you are running?

Telegraf version is 1.0.2. What is distribution referred here?

Is it possible to upgrade to a more recent release of Telegraf, the latest is 1.3.4. Distribution examples are Ubuntu or Centos, please include the version of the distribution and the name of the package you are installing from, i.e.: telegraf-1.3.4-1.x86_64.rpm

Thanks Daniel. We would not be ale to upgrade the telegraf,

Distribution is centos 7.0

Wondering if there is any way to disable telegraf.log for telegraf 1.0.2 version . I checked the config , could not find any entry like it is windows.Please guide

The rpm package installs a logrotate configuration file into /etc/logrotate.d/telegraf, you can edit this to control how many logs you keep. There is also a quiet option in the agent section of the config that may be useful for reducing the rate that logs are created.

The latest version of Telegraf has a logfile option in the agent section that you could set to /dev/null, though I don’t really recommend it as it will make it difficult to debug anything.