Telegraf kernel_vmstat

Are there any plans to put some configurable items under it? Or a breakdown per-node/per-zone in the export?

I’m sorry I’m not following, this plugin only reads the /proc/vmstat file to get virtual memory stats. Can you show me the data you are interested in?

Sorry, my bad - the vmstat output gives the aggregate only.

cat /proc/zoneinfo | grep -E “Node|nr_free_pages”

Node 0, zone DMA
nr_free_pages 3977
Node 0, zone DMA32
nr_free_pages 107778
Node 0, zone Normal
nr_free_pages 566329

cat /proc/vmstat | grep nr_free_pages

nr_free_pages 678060

Thanks for the info, the current plugin is only using vmstat so no per node/zone but it seems like it would make sense to have a plugin that parses /proc/zoneinfo. If you are interested in this you could open a feature request on GitHub.

The things are a bit more complex. While the information in /proc/zoneinfo gives a detailed breakdown, the goal here is to be able to have a monitoring option to capture memory fragmentation at an early stage. I am sure, your are very well familiar with the proc filesystem - I refer to section 1.2.

/proc/buddyinfo gives an overview, but the actual details, if there are enough available pages to serve high block requests, is in /proc/pagetypeinfo.

Let me know, if it makes sense…?

So for what you want to capture you would mostly be looking at pagetypeinfo, or do you need to cross reference several files?

Either way it may make sense to collect this, at least initially, with the exec input and a custom script. The formatting of these files would require a custom parser and I think this is probably a fair bit more detailed than most others are monitoring.