I have a problem with KEPServerEX and inputs.opcua telegraf.
I collect data with kepware use telegraf inputs.opcua. When I use advancetags/tags with good quality, I don’t have problem. The problem is when the quality of advancetags/tags changes to bad (for example, driver stop working). My Kepware after a few minutes or seconds (no rule) stop working (My dataLoger no sent to sql and opcua no work). Application can’t start(I click on it, it load, but the project never compiles), only reset server or service runtime to fix it. Off course, I don’t have any event log about this problem.
When telegraf is off i dont have problem.

Where is problem…?

I test with: kepware
version 6.9/6.13
Telegraf version 1.24/1.25/1.26

Hello @Michu123,
What errors are you getting?
I’m a little confused what you mean by bad tags. Can you share some line protocol examples?

@jpowers is our telegraf expert. He also might be able to help here.

hi, bad tags, i.e. tags that have lost connection with the controller/machine. In my case 99% “quality == bad” are when the machines is turned off. In my case it is a common situation.
When the telegraf wants to get data quality==bad. Kepware to hangs and stop responding (Stop collecting data and sending to datalogger). Only restart kepware fix it. Off course the situation will repeat itself if I don’t turn off the telegraf.


It is not clear to me what Telegraf can do about this. It sounds like the issue is on Kepware’s side. Telegraf will attempt to collect metrics based on your config. And even if we responded to the bad data, what do you expect Telegraf to do to avoid this?