Telegraf inputs.file behavior


this is, i think a “noob” question about inputs.file plugin/behavior:

  • if the file is increasing, i understand the plugin will send the data as it come and send the difference between the last time it was executed
  • file contain 2 lines at 10am, plugin parse it and send the data
  • file had 1 more line, plugin at 10:10am will parse it and send only the new line
  • etc…

but what happen if telegraf is stopped and restarted?

  • does the plugin will reparse and only send NEW data or resend all data

is there a possibility for telegraf to parse a file and when finished to move it to another folder?
if so

  • in case of success -> folder “success”
  • in case of issues -> folder “failure”

and many thanks for your enlightments


Hello @Anaisdg

many thanks for the clarifications, will check the processor execd topics.

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