Telegraf failover server

Hi, I’m new to using Telegraf and trying to find a way to provide a failover server for my Telegraf server.
My current set up is:

  • A Telegraf server with the vsphere Plugin on RH7
  • A failover telegraf server with the same .conf file but the telegraf server is stopped
  • A GTM configured with both servers giving priority to the primary server
  • If the primary server goes down the GTM will switch the DNS to the failover server. At this point, the failover is manual then I would start up the service on the failover server.

I’m trying to find a way to automate the failover where the service would be monitored and automatically started on the failover server. I don’t want the service running on both servers simultaneously and have them both collecting metrics from the vCenter.

Any idea? Is anyone else providing a failover Telegraf server?