Telegraf Data Transformation Use Case

I’d like to pose this question to the community and see what ya’ll think. I’ve got a use case where we want to ingest gRPC telemetry data from network devices and transform that as JSON output via the REST HTTP output plugin. My only issue is that I need to format the JSON in a specific way so the system that is ingesting it can understand it. Would I need to do something like the following:

Network device —gRPC----> cisco_telemetry_mdt (input) ----influx—> exed (processor) ----influx—> external script (Python?/Go) ----influx----> exed (processor) —influx----> http (output) ----http JSON—>

Is this flow correct?
Go better than Python for performance? I only know Python at the moment so I’m wondering if it’s performance would be passable for now.
Input will need to convert to influx format?
Script has to take in influx on STDIN and influx on STDOUT then the http plugin would convert to JSON?

Thanks for any help on this topic.